precision engineered rosin press



Professional Rosin Press Performance

What would you get if you mixed precision engineering with a passion for terpene-rich rosin?

You’d get the world’s first 100% CNC-machined rosin press. You’d get the MGM Rosin Line.

Our Mission: Precision

We set out on a journey to change the quality of commercial rosin presses. To raise the bar. To craft a badass machine with aerospace engineering techniques and 100% CNC machining. We wanted to boost the flavor and aroma of golden-rich rosin with a high-quality press that’d be worthy of the plant and damned near indestructible. After two years of R&D, we’d like to think we did just that.

The Proof: Fewer Broken Bags, Better Rosin

The torsional stability of the MGM’s hydraulic ram virtually eliminates bag blowouts. That’s because there’s no twist in the platens — just perfectly centered pressure, engineered to a fraction of a millimeter.

As you probably know, better heat distribution means more oil and improved terpene retention. So the MGM Rosin Press Line uses Tufnol insulation and Omron E5GC  PID controllers for responsive thermal management. Terpenes saved. Accolades won

Competitive by Nature

Passion is Key.... 

We started with a passion for rosin and a belief that industrial technologies could build a better press.  So we assembled a team of mechanical engineers with 45 years of experience in Formula 1 racing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and aerospace fabrication. The team went to work with some industry leading software, 5-axis CNC machinery — and no intention of compromising on quality.

Total Customer Service

Our clients are family. When you take home an MGM rosin press, we’re there for you for life. You deal directly with MGM — the manufacturer — not a distributor or third party. We’re always standing by to answer any questions you may have.