We Cut Corners. Perfectly.

A product is only as good as the people and technology behind it. That’s why we cut corners — with German DMG Mori 5-Axis CNC machinery. Never before has such precision gone into a rosin press. And never before has such consistent pressure and even heat distribution been available to the artisanal rosin industry.



What is CNC machining?

Our DMG Mori 5-Axis CNC machinery carves  each component of the MGM rosin press from high-strength alloys like 6061 aluminum. The result? Ultra-low tolerances of just 0.05 millimeters. Three-axis tooling combines with dual-rotation axes to cut complex components which fit together more precisely. It’s more than aerospace accuracy. It’s a design philosophy that’ll yield cup-winning rosin for years to come.



Why is Computer Aided Design so important?

We sweat the small stuff. So our engineers use industry-leading Solid Edge CAD Software. Solid Edge integrates seamlessly with our CNC to completely digitalize the design-to-manufacturing process. New creations can be brought to life in real time. The digital versatility allows us to design on the fly and test a multitude of options before mass production. 

Meet the MGM 87



Responsive Heat Management

Crafting rosin is a balancing act of time, pressure and temperature. With each squeeze, the MGM’s heating system uses control-loop feedback to maintain a steady temperature at the pressing surfaces. The platens adjust their temperatures to evenly move heat through the plant material. Tufnol insulation ensures that heat stays exactly where it’s needed.