MGM03 £2,850.00

The Future of Rosin Pressing

The MGM line utilizes next-level engineering to bring the future of rosin to life in beautiful fashion. With the MGM 87, industrial precision mates with the finest components to give you terpene-rich rosin you can brag about.

No-Twist Guide Rails

Four guide rails prevent unwanted lateral and rotational motion. Each rail has an independent spring and oil-filled brass bushing for ultra-smooth action. The quad-rail design strengthens the press to near-indestructible quality and eliminates the platen-twist that’s been breaking your bags. 

Terpene Retention

Four heating elements and Tufnol insulation ensure perfect thermal distribution across each platen surface. PID controllers responsively manage heat for a quick flow of oil and maximum terpene retention.

  • 100% CNC-machined quality
  •  Quad-rail design (0.013” machining tolerance)
  • 10-ton BVA hydraulic ram for reliable strength
  • 7.4 ton @ 420bar (6,000psi)
  • Responsive PID Controllers (Omron E5GC)
  • Four 250-watt elements
  • T6 aluminum platens (70 x 130mm / 2.75 x 5.10”)
  • Tufnol insulation blocks for targeted heat
  • 1-year full warranty. 2-year warranty on structural components
  • Dimensions: 250 x 285 x 345 mm / 10 x 11.2 x 13.5”
  • 22 kg / 48 lbs.